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G-SHOCK Taps Into Fitness Domain With The Release of Specialised Fitness Watches

G-SHOCK gives fitness watches a run for their money with the release of their latest innovation of GBD-H1000, a watch equipped with a heart-rate monitor coupled with GPS Functionality for those avid outdoor fans.


Five Sensor Functions
  1. Optical sensor – To measure the optimal heart rate by detecting the blood flow under the skin. This is extremely important for fitness buffs to ensure that the oxygen is pumping optimally to the heart.
  2. Triple Sensor – To measure the altitude or barometric pressure for those who are into mountain climbing where atmospheric is paramount.
  3. Acceleration sensor – To measure step count and distance travelled.
  4. Compass bearing for outdoor fans.
  5. Temperature

G-SQUAD Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Monitor
G-SQUAD Compass Bearing
Compass Bearing
G-SQUAD Altimeter Reading
Altimeter Reading

The Watch That Tailors To Your Training Needs

G-SQUAD Training Log

GBD-H1000 comes with GPS functionality that acquires location information. With the Bluetooth functionality and smartphone app, the user can manage recorded data such as calories burned and and logged travel. In addition, users are able to do training analysis functions that include fitness level trend, training load trend, VO2max, as well as recovery time.

The training log data is able to measure a maximum of 100 runs (and up to 140 laps per run) with elapsed time, distance, pace, calories burned, heart rate, maximum heart rate, aerobic training effect, and anaerobic training effect. By analyzing the measured data, the watch can display an indicator of cardiorespiratory capacity (VO2max). The smartphone app can also automatically create training plans that are tailored to set targets as well as display a map of the route travelled (recorded with GPS).

G-SQUAD Training Status on Watch
Training Status
G-SQUAD VO2 Max Reading
VO2 Max Reading

The exterior delivers a good fit and practicality and features a high-definition, memory-in-pixel (MIP) LCD with high-contrast, a bezel configuration that is easy to operate even without looking at the buttons, large non-slip buttons, a curved back cover that carefully considers the back of the hand, and a soft urethane band. In addition to USB charging, the watch offers solar charging for daily use such as the vibrating notification function. This G-SHOCK is optimal for everyday health monitoring and training.

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