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Singapore Watch Club: A sharing on the Full Metal GMW Origin Series

by Tom Chng

My current obsession with watches traces its very humble beginnings all the way back to my childhood. I vividly recall taking my digital G-Shock wristwatch everywhere I went; I showered with it, I played sports with it, I even slept with it. Growing up in the 90s, G-Shock was THE timepiece to have, and they came in a plethora of colours and designs. I bugged my parents every other day for new ones as they came out but no luck there. To instil the virtue of prudence, my parents insisted I could only get a new watch when the old one broke. As if that’s going to happen, any Casio owner will know it takes more than a nuclear apocalypse and some to render a G-Shock timepiece out of order.

Left: GMW-B5000D, Right: GMW-B5000V

The GMW-B5000 line is truly a collector’s dream, to relive that iconic look of the original 1983 G-Shock in an objectively more premium construction. This deviation from the traditional resin build casts the watch in a more timeless light, even allowing for the application of ornamental finishes to the case. The first thing I admired was the alternation between brushed and polished finishes. The integrated bracelet and refreshing heft added that reassuring grown-up touch to this dream watch of my childhood.

Of course the new added features excited me too; my favourite being the fact that the watch is solar powered. The ability to automatically synchronise time via radio wave was also a brilliant touch, guaranteeing hassle-free timekeeping. Connecting the watch to the app unlocked a whole new world of features, including the one that finds your phone for you - super helpful, totally saved my life a couple of times.

The colours these come in, it’s impossible to stop at owning just one, especially since I no longer have to beg my parents! With the GMW collection now taking on new colours, treatments and finishes, I’m on the edge of my seat to see how far G-Shock can take this line. This is the purist form of evolution, transforming on the most fundamental level. Evolving, by going back to the origin.