GAME CHANGER: Dharni Ng | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore


“I am GAME CHANGER because I believe.”


When did beatboxing become your choice of musical expression?
When I could make sounds that allowed people to listen and feel what I want them to feel.

On perfecting the fine art of beatboxing – what are some challenges most people don’t know about?
Beatboxers sometimes forget that beatboxing is not just about making complex combinations of sounds. It's really a legit musical expression, just like any other musical instrument and form of music production. When beatboxers become obsessed with just making complicated noises that make little to no sense musically, it makes non-beatboxers think that beatboxing is just about making as many sound combinations as possible.

Which was your first G-SHOCK?
I had my first G-SHOCK in primary school. It was a really special piece that was green and showed off a jackpot game whenever I pressed the light button. As a kid, that was the coolest watch ever.

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