Based on GA-700SKZ and featuring a design inspired by an arctic moss, the color combination of pink, deep green and off-white camouflage express being on a mission and in tough environments.  The brand’s logo, an S and a Z, is etched into the back of the casing.


Q : When was the first time you worn a G-SHOCK?

A : After I saw my classmate’s G-SHOCK I dreamt of owning one everyday.  Finally I got one and immediately became my biggest treasure.  My best moment every day was hiding in bed, wearing it, pressing the backlight button repeatedly, and watching the screen light lit up again and again.


Q : Could you tell us about any interesting episode that occurred during the collaboration process?

A : Pantone Color Chips for plastic materials and Pantone Color Cards for textiles, which I usually use, are two different systems.  This caused some confusion and chaos during color correction.


Q : Do you compare G-SHOCK to anything? What is it and why?

A : I’ll compare G-SHOCK to a monument.  It symbolizes human’s best wishes about eternity.


SANKUANZ / Shanguan Zhe

‘SANKUANZ’ was founded in Xiamen, China in 2008 by Shanguan Zhe.  The brand is known for featuring a unique mix of Asian inspirations and cultures such as traditional uniform such as judo, space suite to anime.  In 2015, with the support of GQ China, Shanguan presented his creations at London Collections Men and Paris Men’s Fashion Week.