Founder of French streetwear brand PIGALLE, Stéphane Ashpool, and Casio are a mix meant to be. With a common philosophy of creativity, innovation and sharing, Stéphane Ashpool and his chosen team of 15 took an adventure in Japan to truly understand the culture and express their creativity in collaboration with G-SHOCK, to make real the next rendition of urban culture’s iconic accessory.

Aimed at women and men, PIGALLE designed a simple and compact DW-5600.   Subtle enough not to be in your way even when playing basketball on the street that also inspires the mirror dial.  Off-white and black are the color options.


Q : When was the first time you wanted a watch and what made you want one?

A : At a very young age, I saw one time a G-SHOCK somehow, from there, I pushed my parents to have one.  A year after I had a yellow one for Christmas when I was around 12 years old.  I was very happy and I spent two years wearing it every day.


Q : Do you have a vision for the next G-SHOCK if you have the opportunity to collaborate again? If so, what is it?

A : Something more technical, more sports-oriented than lifestyle.


Q : Do you compare G-SHOCK to anything? What is it and why?

A : To a race car maybe and I don’t know why really.


PIGALLE / Stephane Ashpool

Based in Paris, France, ‘PIGALLE’ was founded by Stephane Ashpool in 2008.  Named after an area in Paris between 9th and 18th, PIGALLE started as a boutique opposite a basketball court where Stephane spent his childhood playing basketball.  Inspired by the sport, the brand has become global hit and recently worked with Nike on a collaboration collection.